You might have noticed it's Black Friday... It's hard not to! Every year it seems to be a competition between retailers to offer the biggest discounts and the best 'savings', however as a very small business there's no way we can compete with the Big Guys. So instead of offering you Mega Sale Madness we will continue to offer the same quality products and great customer service today that we offer on the other 364 days of the year. 

When you buy from any business, you are investing in that business and each purchase, no matter how small, is a vote for that company to continue in business, so that they can continue to trade this month, for the rest of the year, next year and so on. We appreciate each and every purchase that you make with us! In return, we hope that we offer you great customer care with a range of original, well-made and beautiful products that we hope you will treasure. 

Everything that we sell to you has been made in the UK, either in our studio or outsourced. All of those products are sourced from other small businesses too. So by making a purchase from us, it creates a positive chain reaction for other people's livelihoods, too. It is important to us and I'm sure to you, too, that we want our suppliers to treat their workers ethically and fairly. You are investing your money in real people who create lovely things in order to be able to feed and clothe themselves. We are definitely not some big shot, mega rich CEOs saving for our third yacht!

And before the income even touches our pockets, a huge chunk of it will be spent on developing the next range of designs, making sure that we source the highest quality materials for our customers. We concentrate a lot of time and expense in getting it Just Right. 

So it's difficult for us to be able to offer big discounts. We are confident that we price our products fairly, based on the time and skill involved in producing great design and British-made quality that forms the ethos of our business.

We appreciate every single purchase so with this in mind we want to reward loyal customers: special offers and discounts will be available for those able to attend the Open Studio next weekend, and many of these offers will be extended to newsletter subscribers too (so please sign up if you haven't already - visit the homepage of our website). 

If you are looking for good quality products, great design, and the very best handmade, bespoke textiles, please consider buying some of your gifts with us - as well as some of the thousands of independent businesses offering great things, too. 

So that we have enough time to make and pack your orders, here are some dates for you to remember. We are so grateful that you choose to spend your money with us! 

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